Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where does the time go? We turned ONE!

As most of you know, last year I left my job as a neuroscientist at the Mayo Clinic to start my own skin care company, hydrOtion. This is the sort of thing that only happens in movies, where a successful career-minded person chooses to mellow out, live by the beach and do something fun and far less stressful than research. In the movies it's glorious but in real life this is actually quite frowned upon! That's why I owe it to my friends and family (especially my science friends) who have been so supportive. The last year, without a doubt, would have been impossible without you guys.

We officially launched mid-November of 2010 with just four products. Last November we were so busy selling forty some products under two labels (hydrOtion and Beach Bum - thanks for all the orders) that we forgot to celebrate our very own first birthday! This is why it was so exciting when the lovely crew at The Beaches Online surprised us last week with a delicious cake and balloons (and a camera crew!) to help us celebrate our (belated) birthday! These things make my day :)
We're still developing products like crazy (just you wait, we have a ton of fun bath related items coming soon)! So far our primary mode of sales have been online through our website, Amazon and facebook. We're now seriously looking into getting a storefront in Jacksonville Beach! We have a few locations in mind but nothing final yet! Will keep you guys posted. Thanks again for all the love and support!


  1. congratulations! looking forward to more wonderful and helpful insights from you.